About Us

We Are Your Happy House Cleaner


We understand that the safety and comfort of you and your loved ones is top priority. We also understand that life can pull you one hundred different ways and can make keeping your home the safe haven you would like it to be very difficult. Our mission is to be able to provide you with not only excellent service, but also 100% chemical free cleaning, to make you home a place you and your family love to come home to each day. We are passionate to help you make your home, and your world, a little happier.

What We Do

You Happy House Cleaner knows that the health and welfare of your family, children and pets, are one of your highest concerns. Providing a clean, safe environment for them to live and grow it a top priority. You home is a place of love and comfort and should be somewhere you can come home to after a long day at work, kick up your feet and relax. Home should not be a place to get away from, but rather a safe haven from the stress and chaos of the world.

  • Top Priority, Providing a Clean and Safe Environment
  • Licensed and, Bonded
  • Using 100% Chemical Free Cleaning Products
  • Provide You With Not Only Excellent Service But, Support Too
Meet Our Expert Staff

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