Meet The Team

Meet Your Happy House Cleaner

We know that your family and your home are the central parts of your life and we are honored to have the chance to help bring a little peace and happiness to your world. Our company was started by a mom, passionate to help provide support to other moms trying to be there for their families.

We will NEVER send someone to your home that we would not trust around our own family or possessions. We value your trust in us, so we’ve gone above and beyond the normal background check procedures. Starting in 2019, we provide annual background checks on all employees as well as the company. All employees have photo identification badges with a QR code link to their bio and date of the annual background check. Prior to your first cleaning, we’ll send you information about the cleaning team who will be coming to your home. 

We love our cleaning family and are blessed to be able to work with you to help make your home, and your world, a little happier!